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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  March 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> rise and shine, washington. it's monday, march 5 andlakes on our way in to work. thanks for waking up with us. >> enjoy that beautiful view of the sun coming over the nation's capital. first, we want to get to lisa baden because there have been some problems in the beltway early this monday. >> very true. and no time to hit the gym this morning if you travel anywhere near laurel, coming out of green belt college park. we had a substantial park between university boulevard and college avenue. the beltway was closed for about 15 minutes. that's why it's 6:00 straight up, we have this kind of traffic which is really complicated. this is the beltway between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard now moving but that is going to trap folks in between and the recovery process underway. we'll have another look in just a little while. but now let's look at the
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weather. >> in a very cold start -- and a very cole start to our numbers. 25 in leesburg. 31 in northwest washington. woodbridge 29. washington virginia, cooler at 26. cold enough for snow. we are expecting some areas of light snow to develop. and even a band of mod treat heavy snow in central virginia. a few flurries, that's it. this will not be a big deal but minor accumulations are expected farther south of washington. highs in the low to mid 40's today. there's our show? map for today. south of 66, south of route 50, we could have a dusting. fredericksburg spotsylvania one to three inches possible. >> this is nothing compared to what's going on in the midwest. mother nature just not letting
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up. >> days after the deadly tornado robbed the reebling, the snow the. the latest victim? that little baby named angel. the snow covered henryville. chris, good morning. >> that's right. good morning. these powerful storms have left 39 people dead in five straight states. and 13 of those deaths from right here in indiana. i'm in the hard hit town of henryville indiana, where the heart of the town is virtually unrecognizable. but residents here say they will recover. >> angel babcock initially survived the tornado in indiana but was critically injured. her parents, two brother and sister were all kid. a family friend described finding them to see an enthusing -- >> the man and woman was laying
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behind the sawmill and all three of the kids was found in this area. >> one of the kids was still a baby seat. >> yes. i don't know what to say you know. just -- it's devastating. >> angel died at louisville hospital sunday afternoon after being take off life support. her grandfather share his grief beforehand. >> if i do get to see her, my pastor's going to go in with me and we're going to pray there and i'm going to tell that little girl that i'm going tell her that it's time for her to meet her mommy and daddy. >> meanwhile, human kindness was seen the morning of destruction. alabama's governor praised volunteers for stepping in to help storm victims. >> it makes me proud to be together in a state where we have people like that. >> and kentucky senator mitch
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mcconnell towered liberty. a city astonish apart by tornadoes. >> these are tough phone. they will rebuild this town and we're going to help them. >> president obama has called the governors of the state offering federal assistance. we also want to mention that phenom will be on the ground -- fema will be on the ground assessing damage today. >> the red cross is collecting donations to help people impacted by the storms. information on how you can help is on our website at >> i want to take a look at the day ahead. jury selection begins in a lawsuit over the virginia tech massacre. the families of julia pride and aaron peterson filed wrongful death suit against the commonwealth instead of accepting a development. attorneys say the school waited too long in order to tell the students about a gunman on
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campus. 34 people died in the rampage. and iran's nuclear program expected to top the jean when president obama and israeli prime minister will meet at the white house today. israel said to be seriously considering a preemptive strike against nuclear facilities the president will urge him not to launch an attack on iran. now he is scheduled to speak this morning at the apec policy conference at the washington convention center. apec's mission is to strengthen ties. other schedules speakers including joe lieberman mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi. >> bizarre story out of southeast d.c. where a campaign volunteer is expected to. in court today one day after police say he stabbed a neighbor to death because of a rather bizarre circumstance. john gonzalez live at southeast with all of the details this morning. what happened, john? >> i can tell you the neighbors here are shocked.
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apparently, this was all over bog dee apostrophe sees. the man will be -- dog feces. the man is charged with stabbing and killing his own neighbor. this is the first time the man has been in trouble with the law. he has been arrested at least seven times in the past including for assault. neighbors tell us and tell police that this 56-year-old political activist got into an argument with his next door neighbor 37-year-old robert wright around 10:00 yesterday morning after wright's dog defecated in the yard. wright was pronounced dead hours later at a nearby hospital from stab wounds. the suspect, ellsworth colbert, is currently a volunteer for kevin chavous, a candidate running for the ward seven council seat this year. che -- chavous say this man is a volunteer but not involved in the leadership. neighbors in this quiet southeast neighborhood say they just cannot make sense of what they're calling a senseless
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crime. reporting live this morning, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> thank you, john. and a suspect in custody after allegedly causing a series of crashes that injured nine people. this was yesterday afternoon at a sbre intersection of southern and pennsylvania avenue in southeast d.c. an officer tried pull a driver over but that driver just kept going and sped right through an intersection. six people were taken to the hospital. one person with life-threatening injuries. >> we're following a story in the nhl. league officials are expected to meet with a former redskins defensive coordinator who has admitted to running a bounty program. gregg williams paid new orleans saints players to knock players out of the game. he said he had a similar scheme when he was with this team. williams has now apologized. >> it's getting a lot of attention. we'll stay on top of it. it is 28 degrees in falls church. a cool start to the monday
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morning. >> getting gouged at the gas pumps. how high the prices could surprise and where they stand right now. >> who was it that the got first interview with whitney houston's family? and from snowflakes to temperatures in the 70's. quite a range this week. adam as the
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>> hello. welcome to the animal welfare. where there is a pet waiting for everyone. make a friend today. >> "good morning washington"! >> it's a cold start to our day
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with a little brush with winterer this week and then temperatures climb by wednesday and thursday. beautiful picture from our rooftop camera. sun up at 6:34 a.m. setting the stage for a beautiful sunrise there. we'll have a few flurries in the metro area. it's some accumulating snow further south of town. temperatures around the cold side. right at the freezing point in the district and lexington park. high temperatures in the low to mid 40's. flurries floke locally but a dusting to three quarters of an inch. there will be a narrow band of moderate to heavy snow somewhere in central virginia later this morning on into the midday with this little clipper system that's moving through town. tomorrow, closer to average temperatures. near 50 degrees. but a cold morning in the
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twontse start our tuesday. we're looking forward to thursday. and then temperatures do drop again by friday and next weekend. as for today, a few flurries in the metro area. we're not expecting any accumulations. but farther south of the metro, especially in parts of central virginia, that's where we'll have some accumulations. one to three inches from fredericksburg southward. >> an accident on the outer loop of the beltway gone between new hampshire and university boulevard but left behind is slow traffic trying to recover. there is an accident on 100 at westbound side at oakwood road. and on baltimore annapolis boulevard. 50 coming out of napolis into -- annapolis into buoy. before the beltway at 704. two wrecks in virginia. eastbound 66 near in business. that one is in the second lane. expect delays to get through
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manassas and 95, longstanding crash. we'll go back inside. >> lisa, thank you. oprah winfrey landing some big-time interview. she will interview whitney houston's daughter, bobbi kristina and other family members. it will be a tv special to air on the oprah winfrey network next sunday. houston found dead at a beverly hills hotel. the cause of death not officially clear. early on this morning, 29 in la plata. >> biggest debut yet. we're going to take a look at the weekend box office. >> and how much higher could those gas prices go and what's behind the skyrocketing costs? >> and will mitt romney seal the republican nomination tomorrow? i'll have a preview of that story and what the polls are saying well, online dating services
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>> well, almost there. tomorrow, it's super tuesday when voters in 10 states head to the polls. >> this could be a pivotal day if their g.o.p. presidential candidates. mitt romney could submit his status or someone else could win big dragging the race out even longer. >> nearly 20% of those delegates are up for grabs tomorrow and many analysts believe mitt romney could win big and seal the deal tomorrow. romney is already the delegate leader and after four straight wins in primaries and cause of deaths "abc news" projects that romney has about 184 delegates flight. rick santorum has around 91. romney is slated to win several states tomorrow but some are
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saying he could lose ohio, a critical battle ground states. it could keep santorum in the race. santorum saying he is the anti-romney and that's what help him get enough votes to get this race all the way to convention this supper. >> but we're the ones that the clear alternative and, you know eventually, we'll get a chance go one-on-one and once that happens we feel very comfortable we're going to win this thing. >> over the weekend, it was romney that picked up two key party endorsements including one from house majority leader eric cantor of virginia. santorum and newt gingrich failed to get enough signatures to get on virginia's primary ballot. ohio, another state that many are watching closely is georgia. it's the one state that think think is poised to win.
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if berry is chosen, he will be one of 14 delegates heading to charlotte. it does look like he has enough support. critics asked the city to barbery from attend the september event cite the headline grabbing behavior back in 2009. and today, the last day for d.c. residents to register to vote in the april 3 primary. besides the g.o.p. presidential race, four council members are facing primary challenges. only registered party members can participate in the primary. >> news around the world. protestors will gather across moscow today, rallying against pew tib's re-election as russian president. the claim to victory despite claims of election fraud by his opponent. putin thanked his supporters aud kremlin. we are learning more about the gulf oil disaster settlement.
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gas prices are up yet again. >> good morning. topping america's money, oil and gas. the settlement over civil damages from the gulf oil spill two years ago includes can provisions for health concerns although no problems have been found but they might crop up. criminal penalties are still possible. gasoline prices are up to a national average to $3.76 a gallon. the rising tension is with iran. the improving u.s. economy is a factor too. shows like "monday minute" are getting a boost when viewers who -- "modern family" are getting a boost. and call of the lorax who stole the box office. it was the top draw but at $71 million, as the best debut so far. >> everyone looking for a little
6:19 am
comic relief apparently. time for a look at traffic and weather. >> let's start things off with lisa baden. >> we need comic relief out on the highway. we just had a crash in manassas. traffic impacted gainesville. this is traffic to get to route 1 college park around to new hampshire after and george avenue. we started this morning with an accident now gone between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard but the damage done. back inside now. >> 6:19 a.m. the cold start to the day. sun up at 6:34 a.m. nice hint of red and orange on the horizon there. beautiful, beautiful colors we had this morning. pretty sunrise sky. 29 in manassas. 26 in warrenton. it's a cold start to our monday morning. a new lower 30's here. brief little brush with winter
6:20 am
today. meaning a few flurries locally and accumulating snow farther south of the metro area. winter weather advisory, orange, spotsylvania fredericksburg, and that's until noon. we'll have a moderate to heavy snow setup later this morning. and that's why we're expecting that accumulating snow to be farther south of washington. here's the situation. you can see the precip snow, a little bit of rain. from west virginia into south central virginia. it's a weak little clipper system but it will strengthen a little bit as it passes south of washington, along the virginia and north carolina border. and that could mean a few flurries for us. a light dusting to possibly up to three quarters of an inch in this bright color blue here you see on the center pat of your screen. that's south of 50 and south of 66. fredericksburg spotsylvania, orange county, points southward one to three inches expected from this system by about 2:00
6:21 am
p.m. today. tomorrow sunshine. near average. near 50 degrees for the high temperature. and we're talking 70 by thursday. >> thank you adam. 6:21 right now and 29 degrees. -in-la plata. >> next, what happened when the gloves went back on? you're watching "good morning washington."
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>> to the front of redirect and score! >> unfortunately for caps fans, that was all the scoring that the flyers would need as they outshot, outhit and saved the capitals. a pivotal home game at verizon center last night. philly wins the game 1-0. caps one point behind winnipeg for the meanwhile playoff spot. a lot of questions for the ice spot from alex ovechkin. >> stephen strasburg against the astros on sunday. and the fireball has struck out three over two-plus innings. he coughed up a couple of ones. and denny hamlin was running on fumes but there was just enough fuel left to make it to the checkered flag first in phoenix. kevin harvick had even less fuel. harvick's wheel went dry just
6:25 am
ahead of greg biffle who finished in second place. >> it's 6:25 right now. another 30 minutes of "good morning washington." >> we've got a look back at lindsay lohan's "saturday night live." what the critics are saying about the comeback. >> some families in the tornado ravaged town face another setback thanks to mother nature. a live report coming up. >> and i'm already starting to see some echos on the radar screen south of the metro area. we are expecting
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>> thank god that i have my daughter and my grandchildren. he put his hands down on us. saved us. >> straight ahead, the rising death toll and amazing stories of survival from the tornadoes
6:29 am
that flatten the nation's midsection. good morning to you, washington. thanks for waking up with us. it's monday, march 5. >> while the midwest cleans up, we are enjoying a beautiful sunrise but we're keeping an eye out for a few snowflakes as well. adam caskey has those details but first off good morning lisa. >> an accident out between the new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. it affects southbound 95. news chopper 7 has been looking at an accident in the h.o.v. lane. look at this center of your screen. you see two h.o.v. traffic trying to get out of dale city into wood bridge. collision still blocking the left lane before you get to the river main line. it's going to take more of the traffic this morning. and that's definitely the way to go. we'll go to weather and adam caskey. >> all right lisa. it's cold start to our workweek.
6:30 am
temperatures in the 20's and below freezing with the exception of the waterways. napolis at 35. that's one of the warm exceptions. deluss, 28. manassas, 25. 10 winter weather advisory for orange spotsylvania, fredericksburg areas and points southward and that's until noon. we'll get clipped by a weak little system caused by a weak flurries. but minor accumulation further south of washington with highs to the mid 40's. and one to three inches from spotsylvania and points southward. i am leaning closer toward that one-inch accumulation far south of the metro. steve? >> thank you. we want to get to breaking news from overseas in iraq where a gunman killed 25 police officers during a shooting rampage. authorities say when two commanders were kidnap
6:31 am
kidnapped. -- commanders were kidnapped. three of the gunmen died. the rest are still on the loose. more pain on the tornadoes. a snow has blanketed the survivors in one storm ravaged community. >> and more than three dozen people dead in the twisters and in the south. rescuers are going door to door and trying to rule out the possibilities of more victims and families are combing through piles of debris learning to what happened to loved ones and friends. brianne carter joins us with the details. >> several communities coping with death and destruction are now having to battle with mother nature. snow hampering clean up efforts in henryville. a small tome where homes scomploifs have been ripped apart. this comes as the death toll continues to rise. 15-month-old angel babcock who was the only member of her
6:32 am
immediate family to survive the storm succumbed to her injuries. amongst the sadness and shock, crews are holding out hope as they search for survivors. >> we're a town that is acting like a savior and taking care of things. >> now cell phone signals have been so fuhrer find and so many people have been out of electricity. officials say they don't i know how long it will take to restore that service. >> all right, thanks so much brianna. the red cross is trying to help out. they're collecting donations to give the people impacted by storms. we have more information on how you can contribute on our website >> the trial involving a series of deadly shootings at southeast d.c. enters its third week in d.c. superior court. five people were killed in the attacks back in march of 2010. five defendants on trial including orlando carter and andre morgan.
6:33 am
more than 100 people could testify. president obama and israeli prime minister will likely focus on iran during their white house meeting. this comes as israelis are considering preempt tim nuclear strike. the president will convince him not to order a strike. attorney general eric holder said to outline the framework for targeting u.s. citizens overseas. he says that lethal force is lethal under a resolution approved after the september 11 attacks. >> a dog walk ended in a deadly fight yesterday in southeast washington. the suspect, a d.c. council campaign volunteer who is expected in court later today. the victim? a next door neighbor. john gonzalez is live in southeast this morning with the strange thing that sparked the violence. john, good morning.
6:34 am
>> good morning. it appears it was all over dog feces yesterday morning. the 56-year-old southeast man will be in court at 1:00 this afternoon, charged with killing his own neighbor and this isn't the first time he's been in trouble with the law. >> this morning, a well-known d.c. activist is charged with second-degree murder after he fatally stabbed his neighbor, allegedly over dog feces. >> they're all nice people. so it's confuseding. i was like what's going on? >> it was around 10:00 yesterday morning that 56-year-old ellsworth colbert got into an argument with his neighbor, robert wright. the mother of the victim tells police her son had just left to walk the dog. when he didn't return, she began to worry. >> i say that's a terrible way for somebody to die to get stabbed over dog poop. >> officers positioned in front of ellsworth colbert's home out to throughout the day. police combed the scene for
6:35 am
remnant offense a fight. colbert is a volunteer campaign for kevin chavous. >> we lost a lot of young men to violence likes like this and it can't be tolerated and both families are in my thoughts and prayers at the time. >> now colbert has been arrested at least seven times in the past including for assault and threatening to kidnap. chavous said his volunteer was never directly involved in the leadership of hi campaign. >> wow. thank you, john. it's 6:35. a pan who allegedly caused the series of crashes in southeast d.c. that injured nine people is in custody this morning. police say yesterday afternoon, an officer tried to pull a driver over but he sped through the intersection of southern and pennsylvania avenue. that sparked a chain reaction crash that involved a metro bus. six people were taken to the hospital. one of them with life-threatening injury. >> we are following a developing
6:36 am
story from the national football league. the former redskins defensive coordinator at the center of the nfl bounty program is expected to meet with officials today. gregg williams admitted to pay his new orleans saints players to inflict injuries on posting players. redskins players said he had a similar program when he was with the redskins. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," the fallout to rush limbaugh after his comments about a george town student. >> lindsay lohan makes her big appearance on "saturday night live." we've got the details and give you a look an how he did. >> nice start to the day in the weather department.
6:37 am
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6:39 am
>> welcome back on this monday morning. 6:39 is the time. >> let's talk with lisa baden. >> we started this morning with a complicate canned crash now gone outer loop between pennsylvania avenue and university boulevard. coming out of green belt to get past the ikea, look at that pace set to affect laurel and beltsville as well. lanes are open now to get to the
6:40 am
mormon temple. we're going take you to the other side of town and that's 395, northbound leaving the belt way to get to the pentagon. that's moving slowly but that's normal. we had a long standing crash in the h.o.v. lanes out of wood bridge but that is now gone. we'll go to adam caskey now. >> i have a beautiful sunrise to show you. sun came up. about six minutes ago. there's a live look at the federal city early this morning. and it's kind of deceiving because we do have an increase in the cloud cover overall and even a few areas of flurries down south in the metro area. that white is mid-level cloud cover, but moving through charlottesville and even possibly southern spotsylvania county, orange county, a few flurries. what falls will stick on contact as road temperatures are on the cool side. air temperatures for the most part in the 20's right now to start our day. there's the wider view of the storm scan.
6:41 am
moisture in west and southwest of washington. and the bulk of the snow will be south on washington. 40-45 the high helm. -- temperature. just a few flurries in the metro. >> lindsay lohan trying to leave he ever legal -- hi legal troubles behind. >> she hosted "saturday night live" and she made fun of herself in her recent brushes with the law. >> this studio feels like a home to me. [laughter] wait. if the alarm goes off, should i leave the stage? i thought i was supposed to leave the studio. >> lohan says she's clean and sober and looking forward to restarting her career. she's been cast as elizabeth taylor in a new lifetime movie. >> nice. >> we're looking at 28 degrees in morton. >> when saying sorry isn't enough. another sponsor says goodbye to
6:42 am
rush limbaugh. >> make allen joins us live with a preview of tomorrow's super
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>> welcome back. :44. the republican presidential candidates will be in different parts of the country today. they will be searching for those last-minute votes. >> voters including virginia heading to the polls tomorrow. mike allen with a look at what's at stake. any surprises that you see out there? >> people will see if rick santorum can stay in the game. a good day for mitt romney. sen they, welcome back. >> oh, thank you! >> we felt a little underdressed.
6:45 am
>> georgia, a lot of delegates up for grabs. >> when i look for poll, i look at what's rising and who's falling rather than specific numbers. and in ohio, we've seen romney consistently closing on rick santorum who most polls showed him tied. that's a good night for mitt romney. he doesn't want to be caught in a state where he lost like he was in colorado. so on super tuesday, he's not going to be in any -- he's going to go back to his home quarters in boston for election night. it will be a neutral state to jump off from. >> only two candidates on the ballot in virginia. is virginia still an important state when it comes to this? >> it is because battleground virginia is going to be so important for the candidates. that's why house majority leader eric cantor from richmond jumped out and endorised romney. newt gingrich not on the ballot but his wife calista gingrich
6:46 am
tweeted she's at -- that they were having a fantastic birthday dinner in great falls. >> all right mike, thank you as always. >> thank you. >> always a pleasure mike. more on gas price continue to rise three weeks now. >> a.a.a. reporting the national average of regular $3.76 a gallon. that's 29 cents higher then a month ago. in d.c., $3.88 for a regular. maryland $3.71, and in virginia $3.65. in an effort to save on gas, americans have pledged they're going to work from home this week. it's teleworkweek. organizers say having these people work at home this week will save $3.7 million in commuter costs and also keep
6:47 am
2,200 tons of pollutants out in the air. and despite an online apology rush limbaugh's video show has lost another sponsor. pro flowers pulled his ad saying limbaugh's personal attack on sandra flux does not reflect the company's value. he called her a prostitute for backing birth control funding in president obama's health care law. so far, limbaugh has lost seven sponsors. >> around the region this morning, a public hearing will be held on alexandria's proposed budge for -- budget for fiscal year 2013. the learg take place at 4:00 in alexandria city hall. there could be a being a tag in prince george's countyity soon. they would support a bill to allow local leaders time pose that fee. this vote would lift the bill of one of the biggest hurdle.
6:48 am
they have voted unanimously to support the bill and county executive baker supports it as well. more than a power outage in southeast d.c. led to a disruption of the city's 911 service for about 25 minutes. the city says emergency service was interrupted saturday before 2:00 p.m. it affected the communication center. electrical surges -- >> checking news around the nation this morning. families of september 11 victims say they do not want unidentified remains to be placed in the memorial of the museum at the world trade center. they also want congress to hold hearings on the ethical handling of remains. it was revealed partial remains of victims from pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania, were incarcerated and sent to a landfill. and the u.s. men -- mint celebrating the war of 1812. the mibt is set to begin selling
6:49 am
gold and silver star spangled banner coincide today. right now, $1 silver coincide cost about $45. the money be used to pay for anniversary events. >> and we start with lisa baden with traffic. >> struggle is in the cameras thanks to news chopper 7 and geico. 66 out of the mas in a stouse get to 28 centerville, that's the left side of the screen. accident gone here. now in itself wake, we have slow photographic in centerville and your next delay is 50 and 123. 95 virginia, a crash in the wood bridge lane. and new hampshire avenue and university boulevard, great. -- gone. >> it's looking a whole lot better. >> speaking of gone, a little
6:50 am
bit of snow but that will be gone soon. >> snow is the word i love to use. disappointing again, but some accumulating snow, enough to maybe whip together a few snowballs down in spotsylvania county and fredericksburg. >> ok. >> let's break it down for you. it's a weak system but increasing oy clouds. that's a beautiful picture from our roof cam. temperature-wise it's cold. cold starts today. 25 in leesburg. we are in the 20's. 29 in frederick and helen, maryland, 27. and from flynn on hill called in at 21 degrees this morning. buoy 29. here's our live superdoppler snow machine. a lot of what we're picking up here and detecting is mid-level cloud cover but a few flakes may start falling momentarily.
6:51 am
so far, the only reports is louisa virginia, with some snow along the highway east of charlottesville. that's likely some snow falling and moving eastward. hit me up at facebook or twitter if you see the flakes start falling early this morning. winter weather advisory. orange spotsylvania, points southward, that's until noon. that's where we're expect the accumulations today. clouds are increasing. areas of snow will continue to push on in. it's mainly south of washington. but there will be a narrow band of heavy snow setting up in central virginia and that's where we'll ski our accumulations. fredericksburg southward, one to three inches. north of there in the metro area a few accumulations. -- flurries. and in parts of lower southern maryland. not a big deal but enough to cause a few slick spots for folks south of washington. 70 by thursday.
6:52 am
warming up. >> all right. we'll take it. thanks very much. speaking of warming up, we've got a ways to go because leesburg, 25 degrees. >> brrrhh! >> this is a live look at the beltway. things moving slowly. [ male announcer
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] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ ♪ she was in paris but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so where to next? ♪ ♪ >> good monday morning. new pictures to the deadly
6:55 am
tornadoes that ripped through 12 states. emotional stories of survival. if you can see against steep odds, we are live in the disaster zone this morning. also, the teacher who left his wife and three children to move in with his now 18-year-old, former student what happened? when they're confronted by a family therapist? and also, wild about harry. the prince becoming the toast of the town. there's a shock as he visits the caribbean. bob woodruff is there for the excellent adventure. it's next on "good morning america." >> i don't know who got the better assignment there. the prince or bob. >> exactly. >> we've got a look at your traffic and weather. are things starting to slow down a bit? >> yes. it has been a really tough couple of hours but now we're getting back to normal. they're looking at 66 traffic eastbound heading through fair oaks. that's typical. lanes are open in manassas to centerville.
6:56 am
how about it, adam caskey? >> all right lisa baden. we'll take a look at the snow map in a second. but now a seven-day forecast. brush with winter weather but some flurries in the weather. light snow south of the metro. temperatures in the mid 40's this afternoon. clearing out warming out the next few days. back to sunshine. and thursday, 707 degrees for the high temperature. that will -- 70 degrees for the high temperature. a few flurries later on today. south of the metro, we're talking spotsylvania, fredericksburg and points southward, one to three inches possible from this little clipper system. in central virginia, a band of moderate to heavy snow that will set up through about lunchtime. that's where we'll have the accumulation. >> even if you get it, you can't get it to stick around. >> no. >> all right. thank you and thanks for being with us this morning. that does
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